Why Haven't You Reviewed a Park or Ride?
The Main Reason is because of a lack of material. Either I haven't been on the ride, or visited the park. If I have been it was too long ago, or I didn't get enough time to write a fair and accurate review.
I do accept contributions if there's anything you'd like to write a review for yourself. If you
e-mail me with details on what you'd like to review I can get back to you with more information.
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I Don't Agree With One of Your Reviews / Rankings / Scores:
There will always be some disagreement on which are good and bad rides, and how good a particular ride or park is. All the reviews here are based on the reviewers own opinions based on there own personal experiences, which differ from person to person.
I will try to say if a review is written that deviates widely from widespread opinion, or if there is a lot of disagreement about a ride.
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Why don't you score in percentages? / give scores out of 100?
Apart from the hassle and time it would take to do new scores and uploading every review, I believe a score out of 10 is sufficient enough to give people an idea of what the reviewer thinks a rides like. Also apart from the high ranking rides I don't believe a few percent in score will mean that much difference, and for the higher ranking rides I believe the charts are a more effective way of clarifying which rides I feel are better than another.
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Can You Help Me Find A Parks Website?
All the official British sites I know about are in the links section. For information for parks outside Britain, or for more information on any park I recommend starting off with a search of rcdb.com.
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Why Don't You give Directions To Parks?
If you need road directions my best suggestions are the parks own websites, the local tourist information centre or
The AA Route Planner. All of which should be able to provide more accurate and up to date information than I could without plagiarising their information.
If you're going to a park using public transport all the information I have on that is in the
public transport section.
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Can You Recommend any parks in London?
There are no parks permanently based in London itself, apart from a few fun centres, which are basically big arcades with a few other small attractions such as dodgems. The best ones I know about are Fun Land at the Troccodero at Piccadilly Circus, and the Namco Fun Station near The London Aquarium, just a short walk from The London Eye.
There's also Chessington, Thorpe Park and Legoland, which aren't in London itself, but are close to London if you can organise travel to them.
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Can You Put Up a Link to My Site?
If you have a site which would be of use or interest to people looking for material on British Theme Parks e-mail me with the web address and I'll take a look at it.
I would appreciate it if you also put a link to my site in your own links section in return, either using your normal text format, or you can use our button on banner.

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Can I Use Some of Your Photos?
For this you should e-mail me with details on what photos you wish to use, as well as where you wish to use them (including web addresses where appropriate) and for what purpose you wish to use them.
Generally I'll say yes, as long as it's for non profit purposes, and appropriate credit, including a link to this site is given. However you should always
e-mail me first to make sure.
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Can You Help Me With an Educational Project?/
Can You Provide a Map of Parks in Britain?

The first place I'd recommend trying is rcdb.com. You'll find a large amount of stats and information about roller coasters and parks. Included are the location of parks around the country, which will allow you to put a map together.
Another good place for information is
Joyland Books, a site which specialises in selling various books, DVDs and other products with information on roller coasters and theme parks.
If you can't find the information you want there, or on this site or any other site in the links section you can
e-mail me. Please specify in the e-mail what information you require, I get quite a few e-mails just asking for information, without specifying what information not already available is required. I'll then do the best I can to provide it.
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Can You Give Me Advice on Obtaining Work Experience or Employment in The Theme Park Industry?
My best advice is to get in touch with your local park. Their web site is a good start if your seeking employment, as a lot of parks to advertise vacancies on their web sites.
If your seeking employment you should send a C.V. with an introductory letter, including relevant personal and contact details.
If your after work experience you should send a letter, including contact details, and personal details including why you want to do work experience at the park, and the dates and times you can work. You'll need to bear in mind you'll probably be required to organise your own transport to work, and nearby accommodation if required.

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Why Are You Called Theme Parks of England When You Have Stuff on Oakwood Which is in Wales?
It goes back to when I first started this site, which was before Megaphobia was built. Then the name theme parks of England was appropriate as all the parks I covered where in England.
Since then other sites have used similar alternatives, such as theme parks of Britain or theme parks U.K. meaning I can't really adapt that name myself.
Another problem would be that changing the name would mean all previous links to this site would be broken. My limited budget means I'm not able to go to the expense of multiple domain names.
I don't mean to cause any offence to the Welsh, and apologise if I have inadvertently caused any offence.

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