Park Review


Great Yarmouth
Pleasure Beach
Big Apple Coaster
Car Monorail
Fairy Tale Ride
Fun House
Haunted Hotel
The Orbiter
Pirate Ship
Roller Coaster
Sky Drop

I find to be sure of giving something an accurate review I need to visit the park to try the park or ride twice. A first time, then a second time at least a year later. Of course in reality this isn't practical. Even if I had the time and money to do all the travelling this would involve, there would still be lots of rides I'd be doing for the first time, and wouldn't want to leave a year before reviewing. This is because only on the second visit can you take in how it holds up to repeat goes, without the initial excitement and novelty. This was particularly noticeable on my second trip to Great Yarmouth, as some of the parks weaknesses that weren't evident the first time became more noticeable.


One problem I noticed is the presentation of the park. The worst part here is the end of the park, past the roller coasters entrance. This area has a very run down theme to it. In contrast though there are some very nice areas of the park, such as around the ghost train and fun house which provide some of the best examples of a traditional seaside amusement park out their. I think the biggest problem here is in the poor visual continuity. The majority of the rides look great individually, there are some good looking classic style rides, and some good looking fairground style rides, I've been to parks where rides like this have successfully shared the same area, here though the contrast is to big for it to be pulled off. There are rides that visually seem out of place, which does affect the atmosphere of the park.

It could do with another notable roller coaster, but even what is has is a respectable standard. The main ride is the unimaginatively titled Roller Coaster. This is notable from a historic point, in that it's one of a few remaining examples of a scenic railway left in the world. Even by modern standards though this is an excellent example of a family wooden roller coaster.

The rest of the line up isn't to shabby either. You've got a traditional favourites you'd expect to find at a seaside park like the Waltzer, Twister and Disk-O. Notably though a lot of the rides contain novelty and innovation that make them stand out from the crowd. The problem I found though is not that many rides at the park have re-rideability appeal. There's a good selection of rides I'd want to do once on a trip to the park, but little I'd tolerate a long queue for, or would want to do a second time.

So how would I rate this park? That's a hard one, as there are two ways I could rate it. In terms of how it ranks compared to similar parks I say it ranked well, but underperformed. It ranks well, but with just a few improvements to the ride line up, and a bit more TLC in the presentation, I think it could rank a lot higher.

If though you look at it in terms of providing something to do for a couple of hours during a visit to Great Yarmouth it ranks pretty well. The wristbands offer good value, plus the good ride line up means this place is a worthwhile visit,. This park may not completely fulfil it's potential, but a combination of this, and a good selection of other things to do in Great Yarmouth means I would recommend a day their, and even a short break in Great Yarmouth as a whole, especially if you've never been before.