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This is a hard ride to score, as it's a bit like the dodgems, as the ride experience is dependent on circumstances particular to your visit. Here it's not the people riding, but the brakeman who can have a big effect on the ride experience. I've been on when it's been at a sedate pace, especially around the corners, when the ride should score about 7, on other times it's going at a thrilling pace, speeding around the corners when the ride deserves a solid 8.

The presence of a brakeman is a rarity these days. This is an old type of roller coaster, known as the scenic railway, one of the very first types of roller coaster, this example is over 75 years old. Hopefully they won't get rarer, and the one in Margate will be saved.


Even without the historical importance this is still a ride of note. It's a very large wooden roller coaster, that follows a simple formula of a drop, turning around 180 degrees, then doing the next drop, then turning back around before the next one. The most exciting drop has to be the second drop, not only is it the largest, but it also sees you dropping in to the rides support structure, meaning your enclosed left, right and above in a lattice of wood, creating a very exciting drop.

The second drop may be best, but every drop delivers on the fun and thrills, how well it delivers on the corners depends how fast the brakeman takes them. If it's at it's best it's a highly thrilling ride, even at a sedater pace it is still a good family coaster.

It's historical importance is enough to it on your must do list, even without this though it's a great ride, worth planning a visit to the park for.