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I'm not one hundred percent sure how I feel about Sea-Storm and Alpenbob style rides in general. If it was a food they'd be bread, not something I partially like or dislike, it's just there. This ride though is the premium bakers loaf, as opposed to the cheap supermarket brands.

Instead of the normal pirate or nautical theme this one has an oriental style theme, which does make a nice change. This idea comes from one of the more obscure Disney films called Mulan, which thanks to the fact Eddie Murphy does one of the voices is impossible to watch without someone saying; Why does that Dragon sound like Donkey?


One thing this ride has going for it is it's larger size compared to a lot of other Seastorm rides, which means more centrifugal force is created. The real innovation though is the fabric covers that come over the riders towards the end of the ride. They look like a simple novelty on first glance, but they do a great job of disorientating you, and help create an optical illusion where it feels like your being tipped at an angle due to the force acting on your body. It's a simple idea, but it really helps enhance what is a normal basic ride.