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On my last visit to Great Yarmouth I was surprised to see this ride had been given a makeover. It was a surprise because it was already a great ride. Rather than go for the traditional spooky models approach on a ghost train, this one created a spooky atmosphere through using only a few models, but with great lighting and music. Now it's gone down the more traditional route, using more ghost train models that activate as you pass them during the ride.


I will miss the old version of this ride. I liked it not only because it was a good ghost train, but also because it used what is a relatively unique approach. It was one of the best ghost trains in the UK, luckily it still is.

It succeeds now because it provides constant visual stimulation. There's a great selection of gimmicks on route. The models, although not of a superb quality are still good, and are of more than adequate quality for the short time you see them. The only slight problem is the visual stimulation emphasises the dull point about halfway through when you pop outside briefly. There's a high fence here, meaning you don't get to see much. This part would work better with a lower fence, to improve your view, and so people walking past  could see the riders.

This small problem aside though, this is a great example of a traditional ghost train, and deserves to be on your must do list when visiting the park.