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One thing of note is the area taken up by the roller coaster has been given a multi purpose use. As well as the coaster and themed tunnel for the monorail, it also accommodates this large sale dark ride. It sees you travelling around in giant snails, around scenery depicting scenes from popular fairy tales.


One through the first tunnel you end up in an open air area in the centre of the roller coaster. As well as some unusual views of the roller coaster it takes you past some fairy tale scenes. Unfortunately on my last visit the models in this area weren't in the best state. They still had a nostalgic charm, but they felt a little rough around the edges. They still look pretty nice, but they could do with a little sprucing up to restore them to their former glory.

Luckily the second half of the ride remains as good as ever. It takes place in a large enclosed area under the roller coaster's hill lift. I like how they play Disney's "It's a Small World" as you enter it. I can't decide if this is a lazy rip off, or an incredibly  clever piece of satire. The models here continue the fairy tale theme with a wonderful nostalgic charm, leading up to a great final scene on a nice scale, you wouldn't believe possible for the ride. Don't be put off by the fairy tale theme, this is a ride that provides fun and amusement for adults, as well as children.