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I'm often asked what the scariest ride I've done is. Up to now that's always meant what's the scariest drop tower I've done. Well here I've found a ride that's not a drop tower, but finds a way to be nearly as scary.

Having tried a similar ride at Flamingo Land I thought I knew what to expect. It's not a particularly fast ride, it's more of an experience ride, where the large arm spins you around through a variety of positions, including some scary angles, with you looking strait down at the concrete below from high in the air.


This version is a lot more scary than Circulator at Flamingo Land. That version has an extra bolt operated lock to hold the restraints in tight, pinning you securely to the seat. Here there's no extra bolt, meaning your pinned in less securely. Before the ride starts it only feels like a small bit of give in the restraints, but when high in the air, looking directly down at the concrete below, that small amount of give makes you feel very vulnerable indeed. Even though I know these types of rides have operated safely for years I still find myself holding on tightly, just to make sure. If your put off by the idea of a scary ride where you feel vulnerable, you'd best give this a miss, if your after a scary ride though this is a must do.