Park Review


Wicksteed Park
Bumper Boats
Chair Swing
Cups and Saucers
Ladybird Coaster
Laser Tag
Lake Boat
Nautic Jets
Rockin Tug
Roller Coaster
Water Chute
Wicksteed Railway

This strikes me as an example of a type of park that was the predecessor to both amusement parks and theme parks, the pleasure garden. A park or garden like area with various exhibits, rides and amusements located in them to entertain visitors.

There's still a fair amount of these gardens about, but ones which register on the amusement ride enthusiasts radar are pretty rare. I'm having to think of parks abroad to think of some other good examples. This park itself  doesn't register as that big a blip on the radar. It's got the water chute which is of historical interest, but apart  from that it's a collection of rides appropriate for a run of the mill, basic family park.


I do feel there is one thing I must mention about the attractions, for which the park deserves particular kudos. It's the fact that the wristbands really are all inclusive. I think practically every other park I've been to has charged extra for attractions like crazy golf, go-karts and laser tag. Here though you get the use of these included in the price of your wristband. This is very generous of the park and helps make a visit to the park a good value day out.

Looking on what's offer you'd think this should be a pretty basic day out. It's true the flatness of the ride selection does affect the rating a little, as does the poor selection of food available. However this park overcomes these problems and offers an experience greater than the sum of it's parts.

The whole pleasure gardens experience gives the park a welcoming and traditional feel. Making it a place where a broad number of people can have a day out. Whether it be to try out all the rides, or just to explore the gardens and lake. This was noticeable in the number of older people I saw at the park. Normally it's rare to see anyone over 50 at a park in anything other than a parental supervisory role. Here though you could spot some going on the ride with their grandchildren, and even some visiting with friends who couldn't resist a go on the carousel.

It's a park with a lot of potential. If it could get a few more memorable family rides I think it could end up as one of this countries more appealing family parks. As it currently stands it's one of the best parks if your a grandparent looking for a day out with your grandkids, and a very pleasant day out for everyone else. It lacks the memorable rides for it to be a park to go out of your way for, but it's well worth paying a visit if your in the area.