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Normally if someone suggested putting some wheels on an old skip, rolling it in to a lake while you sat in it, with just a piece of rope attached to the skip to retrieve you afterwards you'd say they were mad. That's pretty much what your doing on this ride. O.K. it's not exactly an old skip, but that's what it reminds me of.

From a historical perspective it's a ride of some note. At over 80 years old it's one of the older water based thrill rides out there, and has importance from being the predecessor of future flume and splash boat rides.


It's not one I got that wet on, which is a difference when compared to more modern splash boat rides. This doesn't hold back the ride that much though. The experience of charging down the ramp in to the pond is a very fun one, and I found it to be more thrilling than you'd expect it to be from looking at it. As a water ride it's a fun family ride, and as a historic ride it's an underrated classic.