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We were actually pretty lucky to get to ride this. When we first got to the area of the park it's located in it wasn't going. We did some of the rest of the park keeping an  eye out for it. Luckily we saw a train going round as we were walking across one of the fields, and managed to walk over and get a go on this, in the front seat which was a bonus. We managed one go and it broke down again, literally a minute after we got off.


It's a pretty basic compact style family coaster. It's one that's hard to write a review about because it's so average. It does an O.K. job as it goes around the layout, pulling of an  O.K. level of thrills as it goes around the track. It doesn't do anything bad, but it doesn't do anything noteworthy either. It's an O.K. coaster, which if the queue is short is worth a couple of rides (if you get the chance) but not one that will stick out in the memory.