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I mentioned this in the parks main review, but I think it's worth mentioning again. Wicksteed deserves kudos for allowing wristband holders to try the go-karts, crazy golf and this at no extra charge. It's a generous policy I wish more parks would follow.

This is something you don't seem to see that much of at parks, Laser Tag. In it you're set up with a laser gun and a set of targets, and have to score points by shooting the targets on other people, while avoiding being hit yourself. The set up I can remember being used when I was younger I can understand why it isn't that popular at parks. It required a group of visitors for it to be worth playing, making it an ineffective attraction on a quiet day, and they took some time to set up by several members of staff, making it less cost effective than an arcade or a crazy golf course.


This one has a small play area, which isn't a bad thing as it means that even a small group can enjoy it. What really helps though is the simple one member of staff set up. The targets to aim for are on the gun, rather than on a separate vest making the set up a lot quicker. They just activate your gun, and you then have 3 minutes of play before the gun shuts off, ending your game.

It's not a completely faultless system. There are sensors which mean you must hold your gun a certain way. This stops people covering their target, but it does take a bit of getting used to when firing your gun. Also it's not that easy to tell when you score a hit and when you've been hit. There is a scoring system on the guns, but you don't really get a chance to look at that during the game, meaning it's hard to tell when your score changes.

These though are only minor gripes and don't take anything away from what is a fun activity. It's a great social ride with lots of interaction with other people creating a good fun atmosphere. Even if a park was to charge a couple of quid a go I'd still say this was worth a go. With it included in the price of the wristbands I'd say it was a must do.