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This is a model of a coaster known as a Tivoli coaster. It's called that because the first  of many examples of these models which was ever built was at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. I've been on that on a quiet evening, and had the mad experience of doing 10 laps of the ride.

Like the one at Tivoli the coaster serves as a good example of how good theming can broaden the appeal of a small coaster. If you was to put this ride on a blank plot of concrete the only people who'd be seriously interested would be young kids, and the odd adult coaster counter. Thanks to the fact it's a very nicely decorated ride, with a garden theme that matches the ladybird cars, this coaster enjoys a broader appeal.


It still is at it's heart, one for the kids. It delivers a mild pop of force as it goes over the one bump, and provides a mild amount of thrills. It's not a coaster that ranks that highly, or one you'd  ever expect to, but it does the job you'd expect it to to a nice standard.