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Thorpe Park
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There's a fair bit of competition at Thorpe Park as to what deserves to be called the park's signature coaster. Overall though in terms of both ride ranking and iconic status I'd have to give it to this one.

Layout wise it's very simplistic. It sees you launching down a long strait , at the end of which the track veers up a steep vertical spike. At the top you twist 90 degrees to the left and go over a hill, where you head back down, where you traverse over a second much smaller hill before you hit the brakes.

The iconic status is in the most part thanks to the height of the ride. At 205 foot tall it's a major landmark from within the park, and the first thing your likely to see when approaching Thorpe Park. It's a shame it doesn't hold up quite as well close up. A nice job has been made in giving the station a 50's hot rod racing theme, but there's a lot of empty paved space around the ride, that with the addition of some more theming and an extra ride or two could be turned in to a nice themed area.


The ride itself has been designed with one thing in mind. As a forum for the ultra powerful launch. Once you're securely in your seat your shunted forward slightly to the launch point. At that point the tannoy plays, the lights change from red to green and your pinned to your seat by the extreme g-force of the train launching forward. With an acceleration of 0-80 in 2.3 seconds it seems a little redundant to say this is thrilling, the stats say it all.

After speeding up the giant spike you slow down just long enough to be able to appreciate the spectacular views up there. After that the thrills continue as you plummet back down the other side  to a hill at the bottom which the train glides over before finally slowing down at the brakes.

Although on a world level the concept has been taken much further, with 400ft plus rides, this is still both a highly intense and thrilling ride. It may be over quickly, but it packs in more than enough in it's short time to leave you feeling exhilarated, and wanting to come back for more. A definite must do.