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There have been a lot of new thrill rides in the last decade or so, but it's been a while since I've tried something I could consider completely new. There have been variations on swinging rides such as Vortex, Rush or Maelstrom, and variations on spin and spews like Rameseas Revenge or the Samarai, but nothing that seemed completely revolutionary or new.

That was before I tried this ride. This offered a whole new experience, unique to anything I've tried before. It's a very simple ride really. You sit on one of two platforms opposite each other on a large pole. The platforms are then raised in the air and spin on a central axis, going under and over the central pivot.


What's new about this ride is the sheer prolonged intensity it offers. As it spins round you feel your shoulders being forced into the restraint and the blood being forced into your head. This sensation lasts for several seconds as you go through several spins of the ride, creating an intense sensation unlike anything I've tried on any other ride. This ride isn't for the faint hearted, but is a must for someone looking for a new intense experience.