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You can't deny this ride has a strong pedigree. If the name Nemesis doesn't conjure up thoughts of a world class white knuckle roller coaster you have an awful lot to learn about theme parks in this country. I'm am of course referring to the one that opened at Alton Towers in 1994, that helped revolutionize roller coasters in this country, and is still one of my all time favourite steel roller coasters. Nemesis Inferno is it's theoretical younger sibling, being from the same manufacturers and from the same chain of theme parks.

The first thing you notice is the volcanic theming. the queuing area sees you walking up the side of a themed volcano, which is one of the most well designed queue areas I've walked threw. The theming continues throughout the ride with you going through tunnels, over small lakes and over volcanically themed gardens.


The ride itself is split into two parts. The first is a drop out of the station into a tunnel themed with the volcanic style walls and a large amount of mist that will probably leave you slightly damp.

You then reach the hill lift up to the second part of the ride. This is the slightly more traditionally designed section that sees you going around a vertical loop, several helixes, and the interlocking corkscrews. The second part is thrilling well designed section. It sees you constantly going from one thrilling element to another.

It's a great overall package. As good as the original Nemesis? I'm afraid the answer is no. Like lots of sequels it's not as good as the original. This isn't really taking that much away from it. Nemesis has legendary status among roller coaster enthusiasts. This ride may not be up to this standard, but it is still of a very high standard and offers a great overall package. It's a ride I still highly recommend. Thorpe Park has a top class roller coaster to offer here.