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Normally I try to write my reviews in a way that they won't date to quickly, but seeing as I'm writing this in 2012 I've got to say a happy 10th birthday to Colossus. It's a big milestone, especially when you consider when this opened with a record breaking 10 inversions (a record that has still only been equalled, not beaten) it was the ride that truly  started Thorpe Park's big expansion plans, that have resulted in it turning from a good family park to one that's built 5 major roller coasters within a decade.

The years sadly weren't always kind to it. It developed some major roughness issues that saw it make a major plummet down the rankings. It went from being one of my favourite British coasters to one I'd often skip if faced with a long queue.

On my 2012 visit though I was feeling nostalgic, realising there are people who can ride it who weren't born when it opened, and the queue was short, so I had to give it a go in honour of it's 10th birthday.


For a start it still looks good for a 10 year old ride. The varying loops, not to mention the 4 inline twists in a row make a good spectacle, and the fact you can walk right through the middle of the ride helps show it off. That with the buildings and the greenery of the Lost City theming create a very nice area.

The good news though was it appears it's had some work done for it's 10th birthday, as it's regained much of it's past glory. Although not all of the roughness has gone it's down to a much less notable level. It no longer detracts from the sense of excitement as the train as it tears around, and boy does it tear around. It seems even faster now than when it first opened, reaching an insane pace through the vertical loop, boomerang and double corkscrews. When it reached the inline twists I was expecting a drop in pace like on previous rides. It doesn't do this any more though, instead it keeps up the pace through the 4 twists in a row, and the final twist just above the ground at the end.

It's great to see this ride get a new lease of life. It's made it back to near the top of my to do list when visiting the park, which is where it deserves to be. Here's looking forward to the next 10 years.