Robin Hill Retreat


Robin Hill
Robin Hill Retreat
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Wooden Maze

Just to clarify this attraction is in a building called the Robin Hill retreat on the park map. It contains an arcade, a film room and a woodland animal walkthrough attraction which is the basis of this review.


It's an unusual thing for me to review, as it's quite an educational attraction. You walk past various booths containing scenes depicting British wildlife throughout different seasons of the year, including taxidermy stuffed animals as part of the scenes. This gives you a chance to go around and learn what the animals look like.

This does seem stuck in between deciding if it's an educational or an entertainment based attraction, and there are weaknesses considering it as either. From an educational standpoint there is a limited amount of information about the animals. Things could easily be improved with the addition of some information panels on the unused walls. As an entertainment attraction the models aren't engaging enough to make it feel like your ever doing more than going around looking at some models. I personally think it needs some more information about the animals to fulfil it's potential as an educational exhibit. As it stands it's a nice attraction, but not a particularly memorable one.