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This is a toboggan run ride, rather imaginatively called the Toboggan Run. It's a large half pipe of metal that you ride down in  a toboggan, that you can pull a hand break on it to slow down. There is some debate to whether or not you would class this as a roller coaster. This one does follow a complete circuit, so it's one I would call a roller coaster.


I should mention this is an upcharge attraction, it was an extra 1.50 to ride it when we visited. I saw a statement from the park saying this is because it would be unfair to charge non riding guests, or guests who came on  a wet day a higher entrance fee. It may also be linked to the rides low capacity, to stop the queues getting to big. Given the parks low entrance price it's not something I think is much of an issue.

This is a very typical example of a toboggan run, following a predictable downwards route, consisting of straits, followed by a u-turn to take another strait going in the opposite direction. It's a little too predictable really, it's a shame a little variety couldn't have been included in the layout. This doesn't mean it's without thrills though. If your brave enough to keep off the brakes you obtain a thrilling pace very quickly, which when accompanied by the vulnerability felt from the exposed unrestrained seating makes it thrilling for a family ride. It doesn't stand out enough to make it worth going out of your way for, but it's worth paying the extra money for a go when visiting the park.