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Time Machine
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This ride serves as a great example of what can be done if a park is willing to go to a little extra effort. It's a motion cinema ride, similar to the simulator rides you see at fairgrounds and amusement parks around the country. Everyone sits in a special seat that moves to match the movements seen in one of the films you watch.


The s at the end of films is important, as the park changes what films are showing throughout the day. I can't believe more parks don't do this, as it's a cheap way to add appeal to the ride, and offer more value to a visitor. Bearing in mind the park gives you access for a week when you buy a ticket it also adds an incentive to make a second visit to the park, as the film line up changes during the week.

The best extra effort though comes in the form of the rides theming. They could have just placed the ride in a building and be done with it, with a perfectly acceptable ride for a small park. Instead they've gone to the extra effort to make a full themed experience. The ride is themed around a trip in a time machine in an eccentric scientists lab. This starts out in the queuing area that's been decorated with various signs and lighting effects to fit the theme. It reminded me a bit of the walkthrough area of x:nowayout at Thorpe Park, or at least what it would be like if a half decent effort was made with it.

After the wait some extra effects go off, and the door to the next section opens. This is a black room with a number of laser effects operating. Your only in the room briefly, walking through it to the main ride area. Thinking about it though with a few extra effects this could be turned in to a pre show to enhance the ride further.

It's hard for me to to comment on the films themselves as they use a number of films, so what happens is dependant on what film you get. You may recognise some of them as they appear as part of the package with a lot of other simulators. I recognised (and was rather pleased to see) the Astro Canyon roller coaster film I did many times on Brighton Pier when I was growing up, plus there was a volcano themed one later in the day. The fact they're so common doesn't make them bad films though. In fact given some of them must be getting on for 20 years old they hold up surprisingly well visually, and are still fun to do all this time later.

It may not be an expensive world class ride, but for a ride at a small park, done on a budget it's of a very high standard. If your visiting the park at least 2 rides on this (to see at least 2 films) is a must do.