Park Review


Robin Hill
Robin Hill Retreat
Time Machine
Toboggan Run
Wooden Maze

I admit I wasn't expecting that much from this place, seeing as it only had a few rides, the majority of attractions instead being adventure playground equipment. I saw it as a bonus attraction after doing a local zoo earlier in the day. Instead I came away from this place rather impressed.


The first thing that impressed me was the fact they had baby change facilities in the male toilets, (it's something I've noticed a lot of parks don't have since becoming an uncle) but more relevantly what impressed me was how well presented the rides were. Given the nature of the park I was expecting some generic rides, without much theming. Instead the rides were themed to a high standard that puts a lot of larger parks to shame. A special mention should go to the Cows Express kids train ride, which had some great fun models, and the very impressively themed African Adventure playground.

There's less theming away from the rides and playgrounds, but the setting isn't any less impressive. The park is set in a beautifully hilly farmland area, and has some beautiful woodland areas and gardens. It appears a lot of thought has gone in to deciding what attractions to install in these areas to ensure they don't clash with the areas natural beauty. The result is one of the most beautiful park settings I've ever visited.

The main criticism from a theme park perspective is there's only one ride in woodlands and nature walk area of the park, in the form of the toboggan run. As a family visitor attraction though it does a great job.

As I mentioned at the start of the review this park defied my initial low expectations, thanks to a beautiful setting and lovely attractions. A day combining this and another nearby attraction will be high up on my to do list next time I visit the Isle of Wight. I'm not quite sure if there's a whole days entertainment, even with kids, but given the low entrance price I don't see this as a major issue.

The lack of any major rides means it's not one I could recommend as a must do, especially considering the extra transport issues that arise from it's location on the Isle of Wight. If though your on the Isle of Wight, which is a good place for a family holiday, spending some time here is highly recommended.