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Wooden Maze

You could argue that the hedge maze was the first ever amusement attraction, certainly there were hedge mazes in pleasure gardens long before any mechanical amusement rides came along. This is a relatively simple example, made from tall wooden fences in a compact area.


It involves you entering one of the two entrances/exits and wander around, trying to avoid dead ends until you find either the other entrance/exit or the footbridge you can use to exit the maze at the halfway point.

One thing I will say is this was in very good condition. Considering we visited towards the end of the season it wouldn't have been surprising to see it looking a bit worn, but it still had a clean and fresh feel.

With no models or theming the amusement level of this ride is limited. Given it's highly unlikely there'll ever be a queue, this just about justifies spending 5 minutes giving it a go, but it's not one to worry about missing.