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The Sea Dragon

We had quite an interesting conversation with the operator of this ride. He recognised our Brighton accents, and told us this ride used to operate in Brighton. There used to be an amusement park in Brighton in Brighton other than the pier.


It was in an area now taken up by a couple of restaurants over the old aquarium and dolphin show that's now a Sealife Centre. Apparently this ride used to operate at that amusement park. I vaguely remember this park from when I was very young, but don't recall this ride. It's not impossible that I rode this when I was very young, but don't remember.

Today the most noticeable thing about it today is the decoration. It's been given an octopuses garden style theme, borrowing a lot from Disney's Little Mermaid film, in the funfair tradition of borderline copyright pushing. This matches in nicely with the rides seaside location, and looks striking as you walk past it. Sadly the rest of the ride is set on a plain plot, which is a shame as a few models and statues would increase it's appeal.

I've been on some versions of this ride (most noticeably Woody's Coaster at Funland, Hayling Island) that throw off the kiddie ride status, and an legitimately be called a family coaster. Sadly this isn't the case here, not only does it lack theming during the ride, but it also sets a very slow and sedate pace, that doesn't produce much in the way of thrills. It's worth having a quick go on it for a bit of a laugh, but after that it's not something to get that excited about.