Rainbow Park
Loop O Plane
The Sea Dragon

I remember riding a ride like this at Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes and thinking it's a shame there aren't a few more of these, and a few less Twisters and Jump n Smiles about. It's a travant style ride, a large circle of seats, that spin around at speed and tilt up during the ride.


The ride is themed as a giant Roulette wheel, hence the name. I rather like this idea, I have had the idea to theme an area of a park with a Viva Las Vegas before. The ride looks unassuming when it's not operating, but when it's going, with the disc tilted up so you can see the roulette wheel theming spinning around, it makes a good visual spectacle.

Normally you'd expect me to finish this review off here by saying how it's a good fun family ride, well not here. It seems the usual family ride program has been rejected for a madder more insane setting, and when I say insane it's not that big an exaggeration. One of my friends who's been on a lot of coaster trips with me, who has never felt sick on a ride before said this ride made them feel queasy, and had to take a break before doing some more rides. This ride really does leave you feeling all shook up.

Even before the ride tilts up it delivers, by spinning in a mad wild way, generating a good amount of force. This section in itself is exciting enough to be a fun family ride on its own. The next part sees the disc tilting up at an angle, spinning at a fast enough speed to create a nice bit of air time style force, as your lifted out of your seat at the top of the spin. Having these two distinct stages makes it feel like two rides for the price of one, and this is before the third stage, when your really in trouble.

In the third stage the platform the disc is mounted on also starts spinning, meaning your now on a spinning disc, mounted on a spinning platform. Thanks to the double spinning movement, the force from the spinning angle, and the high speed of the spinning this ride packs a lot more punch than you would expect it too, it's a deceptively gut churning ride. It really is the Devil in disguise. For some people this might be too much, but if your after a crazy mad experience this is a ride I'd highly recommend, just not after a large meal.