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The Sea Dragon

Thanks to a small coincidence, I happened to read about this ride shortly before my trip to Hunstanton. The ride is mentioned in a book from Skelter Publishing called Pennies By The Sea. It's the history of Joyland amusement park and arcade in Bridlington, where this ride used to be. This ride is also the setting for one of my favourite amusement park stories.


When the two sons of Joyland's former owners inherited the park from their parents, they decided too add some new rides to attract some new guests. Their first ride of choice was this one. Upon it's purchase and installation they were very excited as they decided to try it for the first time. Once inside all they saw was a pitch black room, with no models, lights or sound effects. I've been on a few ghost trains like that, to them though it was a bit of a shock. The called the ride vendors, who said they were purely a ride supplier, not a theming company, they just provided the rides shell for a park to theme. Upon checking their contract they realised all they had paid for was the unthemed shell.

Luckily the ride is now themed. It doesn't use that many models, but instead has a lot of good artwork, both to make the exterior look attractive, and to decorate various points of the rides interior. It feels like a group of enthusiasts got together, and decided to have a go at creating the best ghost train they could with a limited budget, and consequently came up with a pretty good ride.

Where this ride really excels though is in it's presentation. Most of the ride is still in pitch darkness, with lighting and sound effects activating as you travel around the ride. This adds an element of unpredictability to proceedings, as you can't predict your route or when the special effects will activate. The way the ride is presented also does a great job of hiding some of the rides potential weaknesses while making the ride a more amusing and visually stimulating experience. I reckon if you applied these presentation values to a ride with some advanced models you'd get one of the best ghost trains anywhere. Even without the advanced models this is still one of the best ghost trains I've ridden in the UK.