Rainbow Park
Loop O Plane
The Sea Dragon

I'm thinking back, and I think this is the first time I've reviewed a Miami ride. It's up there with the Matterhorn in being a ride you always seem to see at a funfair, but not at a theme or amusement park. This comes as a surprise given it must have one of the smallest footprints of any thrill rides out their. I think it might be the strong association with travelling funfairs that put's people off, as it gives the ride a bit of an image problem.


It consists of a long row of seats, on the end of two arms, that turn in parallel to lift the seats up and down in a circular motion. It's tempting to compare this with a magic carpet ride, as both rides are similar to look at. However sitting facing sideways on this, rather than forwards or backwards like on a magic carpet results in some bigger differences in ride sensation than you would expect.

On a magic carpet the main sensation is the odd feeling you get in your stomach as you drop. Here the main sensation is the fun one you get from being thrown around at the top of the circle. It's not a painful or unpleasant throw you around way, instead it creates a fun sensation as your lifted out of your seat, and your weight is shifted to one side. As a good fun ride for the family thrill seeker this ride sets a good example.