Pleasurewood Hills
Snake in the Grass
Shiver Me Timbers
Tales of the Coast
Tide Traveller
Timber Falls

Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me. 

This is according to PlesureWood hills website "the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the East of England!" (I checked this on rcdb.comit's the same height as the boomerang in Cleethorpes, and shorter than the two signature coasters at Fantasy Island Skegness -TPOE) and the best ride in the park. It reaches speeds of 47mph and is 116ft so can be seen when you get in the park. When I first saw it I thought it was incomplete when I saw it wasn't connected at the top until I realised it wasn't supposed to be, its a shuttle coaster that will do the ride forwards then backwards.


It starts in the Surfing themed area and queue line, you get in the carriage which is quite comfortable. You then get pulled up backwards up the tower then dropped back down and do a loop and boomerang element, which is quite thrilling. The next bit is the great part when you get pulled up and sent back down and do the inversions backwards back to the station. This is a great ride, and despite it being the newest addition to the park it is by far the best, a good thrill rides.