Timber Falls


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Timber Falls

Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me. 

This is a double drop compact log flume, so it's not different to a lot of log flumes you'll see up and down the country. The main attraction this ride has is its surrounding and view from the top, because you can see the other rides and a lot of greenery.


When you get on the ride you get in the log and get off and do the first little drop which gets you slightly wet and you curl around for the big drop. When you get to the bigger drop it takes a while to make the climb and you can see other people and rides going around, then you get to the top you do a little U-turn and go down the big drop. You reach quite a speed and then get very wet, which was bad for me because it was a cold day when we went so I took ages to dry off, but this is a good log flume. It's like a lot of others out there Pleasurewood Hills its one of their main rides, so its probably worth a go if its not too cold.