Pleasurewood Hills
Shiver Me Timbers
Snake in the Grass
Tales of the Coast
Tide Traveller
Timber Falls

Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me. 

This ride has a theme you will see a lot of.....The mine train! This one is inside a Crater, and its a Mine Train of quite a high standard, most of them I've seen are kiddie rides or just used as a filler ride, but this one being one of the parks major rides is in very good shape. The ride lasts for quite a long time and on the day I went, we went round a lot of times due to the empty queue line. The ride is a good family ride, its not too scary but it still has some nice dips and turns to make it attractive to younger and older guests. I don't understand some of the decor though, it has a bright red track and a dark car with question marks all over it, but all in all a very good family ride, well worth a ride or two around.