Woody's Coaster


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Woody's Coaster

Some people have pointed out to me that Woody's coaster is a bit of a rude sounding name. I think the presence of the letter S at the end of the first name just about prevents that. Of course it doesn't help that the kiddie ride next to it is called Beaver Creek. The person who does these names obviously thinks innuendo is an Italian suppository.


This ride looks like a basic kiddie coaster, all be it a nicely themed one. Indeed the presentation of the ride does add a lot to it's initial appeal. I feel it's enough to broaden it's appeal to make it something adults will want to give a go, as well as kids. This certainly seemed to be the case when I visited. This is a pretty good thing, as this ride works pretty well and achieves more than a simple kiddie coaster. It pulls of a good turn of speed as it goes down the spiralling drop, which you feel the  force from throughout all of it. The overall result is a pretty good family coaster, well worth trying on a visit to the park.