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Wild River
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On a personal level, one thing I'm really thankful about here is the choice of flume rides. Funland has two flume rides, and both avoid the generic two drop compact rides you seem to get everywhere, and are a nightmare to continuously write new reviews for. One of Funland's flumes is a small kiddie flume ride, with a small drop and a marvellous artic theme. It's not reviewed here as I didn't have the nerve to try to get on it. I did do this one though, which is also a small one, with a simple oval circuit with one drop.


The first section does feel like a kids river ride, as the log travels around it slowly, going threw a few tunnels. I can't help  but wonder if anything will be done with this area. You could fit a small ride in the central area, and there's a large enough strait to incorporate some sort of novelty drop to improve the ride.

The hi-light of the ride is the last section, with the rides drop. This is actually quite a surprise as it manages to be more fun, and create a bigger splash than you'd expect from a drop of this size. Overall it's not the biggest or best flume ride out there, but it still holds a good fun charm and attraction to it that will make me want to ride it again.