Clarence Pier

You can spot the enthusiast in me when one of the first things I do on a ride is admire the airbrush art. Well it's worth doing on this one. There is some good examples of fairground airbrush art on the back of the pods, which do help add to the presentation of the ride. This is a little ironic when you consider this ride looks a little drab from a distance, with the good decorations not being apparent until your close up.


I'm pretty sure most people reading this know what to expect. It's  a big turntable with a wave like notion as it turns causing the pods to spin round furiously. This one did the job you'd expect it to at a good level, causing a good amount of spin as it went round. It's almost a criminal offence for a seaside amusement park or any funfair not to have one of these, but even this over familiarity doesn't detract from what's a good fun ride.