Clarence Pier

On my first visit to Southsea I skipped this ride. I've done more  twist rides than I can count, so didn't see any reason to do this, and loose time at Funland, Hayling Island which I was heading to. In hindsight though this was a mistake. This isn't just your normal twist that you find in numerous amusement parks and funfairs around the country. This is the twist knocked up a notch.


This is apparent almost as soon as the ride starts. It moves at a much greater speed, pulling off noticeably more intensity, making normal twists seem like tame kiddie rides in comparison. This isn't all it does either. Rather than the usual method of staying at the same speed this one speeds up and slows down during the ride. This adds variety to a normally predictable ride, and helps emphasise the intensity of the top speed, especially when the ride accelerates up to it.

Normally the twist is a generic family favourite, but not a must do ride. This one though is one I say you must try on a visit to Clarence Pier.