Clarence Pier

This has to be Clarence Pier's real surprise package. It looks like an example of a factory built compact coaster that's produced to order, and one of the older ones too. These two observations would be accurate, but instead of the standard, forgettable family coaster you'd expect, it's one of the best example of one of these types of rides going.


To start with are the first two major drops. These both pull of some good levels of excitement, creating more sensation of speed and force than you'd expect from this type of ride. This includes a good head chopper effect on the second drop as you go under the first.

The ride then quickly goes in to two sets of multiple helixes which the car runs through at some speed, continuously accelerating, creating a good level of intensity. This experience is enhanced even further by the fact you're so close to the rides supporting structures, which cages you in on all sides, making this one ride where you must keep your arms in the car. This is a great example of a family compact model coaster, that comes as a great surprise the first time you try it, and is one I'd say it's worth making an effort to get round to trying.