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Klondike Gold Mine
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Woody's Coaster

I'm trying to remember if this is the first time I've a roller coaster at two different permanently located parks, as opposed to travelling funfairs. I think it might be. For those who don't know what I'm talking about this is the ride that used to be at Drayton Manor, before being removed to make room for G-Force. It comes across as a more impressive ride in this smaller location, unlike the larger Drayton Manor where was dwarfed by the larger roller coasters and thrill rides found there.


In both locations it serves as a great example of how good theming can enhance a ride experience. Without the theming it would be a pretty basic simple looping coaster, and this one doesn't really have enough edge to it to offer more than an average amount of thrills. The theming though helps create a fun ride experience. It creates a sense of unpredictability as the ride passes through various tunnels, and passes different models. It takes a basic ride and makes it a lot of fun. A lot of the credit for this has to go to Drayton Manor, but the result here is a good fun ride, that fits in as the parks signature coaster so well you could believe it was originally intended for this park.