Park Review


Cannibal Pots
Dragon Coaster
Klondike Gold Mine
Wild River
Woody's Coaster

This park on analogy does remind me a little of a scene I remember from Red Dwarf. My knowledge on this subject is far from encyclopaedic, but it's a scene where someone is compared to a fried egg and chilli sauce sandwich. It's said all the ingredients in it are wrong, and shouldn't work, but somehow when they're combined together it makes something right.


It's an analogy that applies to this park. It's a collection of rides, including a couple of hand me downs you might recognise from other parks, none of which are particularly exclusive or noteworthy in the grand scheme of things. Indeed when you look around the park as whole it doesn't strike you as anything striking, or as a park to expect much out from. Instead though you've got a park that's fun and works, in it's own unique way.

Part of what helps it work is the way the rides are presented. Instead of being satisfied with basic presentation, extra effort has been made with the rides. The parks roller coasters are pretty basic models, of which you'll find similar examples of rides, and even exact copies of around the country. They could easily be ride once and forget about rides. This is avoided though on 2 of them due to the presentation of both rides which have been well themed, and even had a few tunnels added to them, making both rides more fun than a plain unthemed example of them.

These presentational values extend to some of the family rides like the Pirate Ship and Cannibal Pots, and even to some of the kiddie rides. There where even some kiddie rides I would have liked to have a go on myself because they looked so good.

This all helps contribute to the parks unique atmosphere. It's an atmosphere that creates an atmosphere of it's own. It's one with an edge that says come and have a go if you think your hard enough. It's one that says it doesn't care that it doesn't have all the accessories richer parks can afford, it's still going to provide you with a fun time anyway. Overall it's a park with a good basic set of rides, and a good atmosphere that would make me recommend giving this park a try.