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Woody's Coaster

Thinking about it the dodgems are a hard ride to rate. They're a ride that relies heavily on interactivity and input from the riders. This means what's a fun ride on one day, becomes a dull boring one on another.

You could judge it on the ride building. This ones a little unusual as it's set inside a concrete building, with the power net hanging from the roof, rather than being supported by the supports of the ride. Being inside means you can smell the smoke from the sparks a lot more than you would normally. This peculiarity aside it's a pretty standard set of fairground dodgems. Not to shabby, but nothing athletically that stands out.


What really makes this ride stand out in my memory is the ride experience. It had to be one of the biggest free for alls going. I was given no chance whatsoever to engage in any of my usual tactics, it's just a matter of coming out the best you can from one inevitable pile up after another. A lot of this is down to the parks unique atmosphere, which I think helps encourage people to go for it and have fun on them. If you go on a moderately busy day, with enough people to make sure most of the cars are used, you've got to give them a go.