Park Review


Clarence Pier

Since My Last Visit There Has Been A Large Change To The Ride Line Up on Clarence Pier. This has seen more emphasis on kiddie rides, so this review may no longer be accurate.


The longest pier in the world is at Southend. It goes through Adventure Island, splitting the park in two halves, and goes over a mile out to sea. This one by contrast has to be one of the shortest, barely going out to Sea, but there's a lot more of interest to the theme park enthusiast on it.

Most of the rides here are pretty traditional. There's seaside amusement favourites like the Twist, Waltzer, Dodgems and Carousel. The parks rollercoaster Skyways also has a traditional feel, being a classic style steel compact design. Although it's one of the better examples of this type of coaster.

They've also got a couple of less traditional rides. One is the more modern Disko. There's also the Extreme and the Eclipse, which help add a feeling of exclusiveness to the proceedings. I've only ridden rides like the Extreme before at the larger funfairs, and the Cyclone is a relatively unique and rare ride for this country.

The only thing that would put me off from all these rides is the lack of wristbands. To be fair though this is a small park, all the rides are reasonably priced, and there are special offers when you buy a certain amount of tokens, meaning two people could probably do all the rides they want at least once for a tenner each.

This brings me to the issue of scoring the park. This is a pretty tough decision, as it brings the issue of do I score a park based on how it compares to other parks, or how well it fulfils it's potential. A park like this with a pretty limited space, and without the money of a big company, will have a major struggle if it wanted to compete with these larger parks. This means it isn't really as good as larger parks are, however Clarence Pier does a great job of fulfilling it's potential, in terms of it achieving everything you reasonably could expect a park like this to.

It offers a good collection of rides, and creates a good fun family atmosphere. It offers a great way to kill an hour or two if you're in the area. It's not a must do park, but you could have a great day out doing this park, and maybe another attraction in the area.