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Cannibal Pots
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Nowadays the tea cups ride seems to get classed along with Carousels and Ferris Wheels as a classic style ride for the younger end of the family market. You can still spin them yourselves, but most are limited to a slow gentle spin.

This makes the no nonsense approach of Funlands version of the teacups as refreshing as your first cuppa after a long day at work. Instead of being a slow tame ride you can spin the pots at a ferocious speed, so that everything around you passes at a mere blur. This creates a good thrilling sensation, that will make you wish all tea cup rides were this fun.


When you top this off with a well presented theme, that's a nice change from the  standard teacups theme, you get a ride that elevates itself from a gentle ride for the kids, up to the status of a good family thrill ride.