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Having recently said the breakdance is becoming a rare ride in the UK I've just done 4 different ones in a short time frame. One was at a European fair where they're more common, but 3 were in the UK. One was at Lightwater Valley, one was on Blackpool's South Pier and the other was this one.

To be honest I'm surprised this one is still here. Funland has had to remove several rides to make room for new attractions, and there have been rides that logic says should have stayed longer than this. I wonder if this has something to with the fact it's on top of what looks like a storage building. I reckon though you could have moved the Cannibal Pots here, instead of where the pirate ship used to be, which was a more visually appealing ride.


To look at it's not great. It's a similar layout to a fairground twister, only with spinning cars like a waltzer. There's no attempt at any theming, and the decoration is minimal giving it an unexciting feel.

The unexciting feeling doesn't stop there. It's on a very tame setting where you never feel any sense of speed. Even as a kiddie thrill ride it's on the tame side, as a ride you'd expect to produce at least a satisfactory level of family thrills it's a let down, feeling like a glorified merry go round to ride.

The ride might provide a brief distraction if there's no queue, and you have a wristband, but it doesn't offer much above this level.