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Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing these reviews
and providing these photos for me.
George's Dinosaur Adventure 7

This ride is my favourite inside Peppa Pig land. The ride is based on the chanter George Pig's favourite toy "Mr Dinosaur". You ride the giant "Mr Dinosaur" by sitting on his back, its the only one of it's kind  I've been on. The ride is on a reasonably long track which you go around and see some of the characters from the show, and have your photo taken, then you loop around a volcano which smoke comes out of which I think is a nice touch. My only problem is that its quite a long ride and when  all you can hear is the little boy character George Pig, saying  ‘dine-saw rawr.’ then laughing on a loop can get quite annoying, but I would say a must do for little kids.

Peppa's Big Balloon Ride 6

Peppa's Big Balloon Ride is in the centre of Peppa pig land, the ride is the tallest ride in Peppa Pig land with a giant Peppa Pig standing on top which can be seen from around the park. The rides carriages are shaped like hot air balloons, inside the hot air balloon is a wheel, which can be used to make the basket spin, despite the fact you go quite high, this ride still has problems. This is a kids ride, but when I've been it it with little kids, they've found it hard to see out of the balloons basket, which did spoil much of the rides enjoyment. I would say this is a do once and never again kind of ride.

Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Flight 6

This ride is a Little version of the standard Ferris Wheel, but instead of regular cartridges, you sit in helicopters, while your spinning around you can see the rest of Peppa Pig land, and some other rides around it and my favourite the penguin pool. A ride that is what it says on the tin, but I still thinks its worth a quick go.

Grandpa Pig's Little Train 3

Well this is my least favourite of the bunch. This ride I fell has nothing going for it. It goes around a tiny oval shaped circuit around a library. The only thing that I found slightly good was the the model Grampa Pig was moving his arm up and down. Maybe little kids might like this ride, but there are better rides at the park for them. I see no upsides to a train that loops ride a library and sees better rides to every direction.

Daddy Pig's Car Ride 7

This one was my nephew's favourite which he made me go on with him several times. It's one of the best scenic car rides I've been on. The cars you sit in look like the car in the actual show, when you on it you go around for a drive, seeing all the characters from the show get your photo taken, then I noticed you jump a red light. The cars themselves are either roofed or non roofed and unfortunately when it was bucketing it down with rain, I got the bright pink roofless one, which had the interesting feature of back seat swimming pool! I think this is a good ride for little kids who like Peppa Pig or cars.

Grandpa Pig's Boat Trip 6

This one is a very simple ride format that I've seen many a time. You sit in some pirate boats which go around in a little circle bobbing, up and down. When I went on it whenever the boat in front of me went down, I got a splash in the face, which I found quite amusing. I wish I could say more about it but there isn't anything else to say. it is what it is which is an alright but very repetitive ride.