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Paultons Park
4D Cinema
Dragon Roundabout
Flying Frog
Gold Rush Falls Golf
Jumping Bean
Kontiki Ride
Land of the Dinosaurs
Magic Carpet
Peppas Balloon Ride
Peppa Pig
World Rides
Pirate Ship
Raging River
Rio Grande Train
Sky Swinger
Tea Cups
Trekking Tractors
Wave Runner
Wind in the Willows

It's amazing really to see how in a relatively small tie what used to be a small country park primarily for the kids market has developed in to a highly notable family park thanks to investments in major rides like The Cobra and Edge.

Of course on my last visit the most notable addition was a new collection of themed kids rides in the form of Peppa Pig World. This has been a major draw for the park, when I went it had to be about 5 times as busy as anywhere else in the park, which is pretty significant even on a school day. I was very impressed with Peppa Pig World. I was expecting a few kid rides with some fancy paintwork, and a few models scattered about, instead it was a
very well themed fun area.

Two other new additions since my last visit were Magma and the not very imaginatively titled 4D Cinema. I think these additions are also important, as they help cement the parks appeal across the family market, meaning it can be considered more than just a kiddie park.


Another new addition we spotted was some improvements to the gardens, including a new themed Jungle Garden. This was a nice addition to see, as one of the things I've always liked about this park is the gardens and animals that give a nice range of things to do other than rides. Although some of the indoor exhibitions from my earlier visits have been phased out, it's still nice to see the park continue to make additions that enhance a relaxed family atmosphere.

I think the parks biggest weakness at the moment is the catering. The food we had was of a good standard, the problem was the limited options available. It could do with another place or two for a sit down meal with some alternate foods on offer. The bigger problem though was most of the kiosks at the food were limited to bags of kids sweets. It would be nice if they could at least have some of the muffins and cakes sold in the restaurants available in the kiosks so there are a few more options available. As I said the food is still good, and it was also nice to see a park offer things from some local businesses. I think the problem it feels a little outdated compared to how the rest of the park has come along.

This though isn't that major an issue, and is nowhere near enough to stop me recommending this park as a good family day out. It's a great park with an ever improving collection of rides. In terms of the standard ticket prices it offers significantly better value than most of it's rivals at a similar level in the family park market, making it one of the first parks I'd recommend to family groups.