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Edge is what is generically known as a Disk-O coaster. Sadly that's not an enclosed coaster with colourful flashing lights and Bee Gees music playing, that's a disco coaster, I've now decided what I want done with X:\\nowayout. The Disk-O thrill ride has been highly popular, I've been on 4 versions in the UK alone. In it you sit on a large disc, while facing outwards on a saddle style seat, the whole thing then swings back and forth on a small dip of track, while the disc spins.

On this ride the track has been expended to create a long section, with two spikes of track at one end, and a dip in the middle. One thing I found surprising is that a lot of people have found this ride visually intimidating. To me it looks like a fun family ride, but I think the large scale, with it being around the same lengthways as the Cobra, made it intimidating, even for a family ride.


The ride starts out like a traditional Disk-O with the disc spinning and rocking back and forth between one end of the track and the loop. I found this section to be a slow start to the ride, but this is really only a warm up, because when the disc gets enough momentum to clear the bump it really gets going.

Thanks to the extra length of the track the disc reaches a much higher speed than on a regular Disk-O creating a very thrilling and out of control feeling as you speed from one end to another. It creates a feeling of exposure and a sensation of speed greater than on any other powered coaster I've been on to date.

Another thing worth mentioning is that although the ride has no particular theme it is a visual spectacle. It's been given an eye catching vibrant colour scheme, and a lot of effort has gone in to the fencing and landscaping around the ride, which helps build up your anticipation of the ride before riding it.

Before riding this, there was a part of me that thought that this wouldn't be that exciting. I'd already done a lot of Disk-O rides, and was doubtful about how much more exciting, what was just a longer version would be. I'm glad to say I was wrong to doubt this ride, and I feel this is a great signature family ride. When you put this in the same park as the Cobra I think Paultons Park can now legitimately call itself a must visit park if your a fan of family coasters.