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This is a ride I struggled to write a review for. This is one of the best family coasters I've ever been on outside a Disney park, yet I struggled to work out why this is. Tradition says a good family coaster provides thrills in two ways, one is to offer a good perception of speed, the other is to provide a fair amount of g-force or air time at a fun family level.

If you look at it from that perspective this coaster is only average at best. It provides a fair amount of speed, with a good flow with little feeling of slowdown as you go round the track. However compared to some other family coasters I've been on the perception of speed is pretty mild. The G-force is also pretty mild as well, without any sharp drops though it feels more mild than a lot of mouse coasters. That says this should be an average coaster at best, it should be, but somehow it's not. It's a great fun roller coaster, one of the best family coasters in the country, and a contender to be one of the top 10 steel coasters in this country, the sort of ride I could spend an hour riding non stop, and not get board of it.


Finally I realised why this was. It's an absolute triumph in great track design. Instead of knocking out another wild mouse coaster they've designed a custom layout for wild mouse style cars. It has the traditional wild mouse u-turns, but it also has a great collection of helixes and bunny hops, including the last inspired dip that goes into a shed offering a great head chopper effect. This works so well because it's been designed to consist of a fun ride element followed up strait away by another fun ride element, followed by yet another fun ride element, with no break in this flow until you reach the breaks at the end of the ride.

Although it doesn't quite rank as an essential must try, it's definitely one to try to get to if you're in the area. if you're planning a trip to Thorpe Park or another park around London I'd recommend making the effort to stay an extra day to try this coaster.