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A growing trend in recent times has been for parks to install 4D cinemas. That's no huge surprise really. They're a relatively inexpensive way to add a good dark ride, and allow for a high capacity in a relatively small space. Another advantage for parks is there are now a lot of films available, with new ones being made regularly, so a park can change the film every few years to encourage return visitors.

It's obvious that is Paultons Park's intention as the theming and pre-show make no reference to the film itself. Thinking about it, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the Christmas themed films I've seen make an appearance at the park's Winter Wonderland events.

The theming is of an old fashioned art deco styled cinema. This includes a nicely decorated area including the cinema entrance, and the street running alongside it. The theme continues on the interior cinema foyer. The decoration here is good, but felt a little sparse. It could do with a few finishing touches, like some appropriate models, or at least some old film posters to help establish the the atmosphere.


Once everyone is inside a projection appears on one of the windows showing an elderly cinema usher, who reminisces about the history of the cinema, and his time there. There were some touches of humour, but I found them a bit flat, and I thought the sequence lasted a bit longer than it should have.

With the pre-show over it's in to the cinema room, which sadly doesn't continue the art deco theme, just being painted plain black. Here you sit down and watch a short safety video before the film starts.

Up to that point I hadn't exactly been wowed by the ride, but luckily things made a major upswing thanks to the film on show called The Curse of Skull Rock. You might recognise that name as it was shown at Drayton Manors 4D cinema in 2009. It was a very good film about 3 pirates attempt to retrieve a cursed treasure sunk at the bottom of a lagoon. It has some impressive computer graphics, a good amount of humour and action. This is backed up with some good 4D effects, such as water sprays, and some other good surprises that manage to enhance viewing of the film without feeling to distracting or gimmicky.

So one I'd recommend. One problem I have as a reviewer when it comes to these novelty theatres is if the film changes regularly, so will the appeal of the ride. Based on Cursed of Skull Rock, one of the better 4D films I've seen, I would say this is a must do when visiting the park. If it was a weaker film I don't think the pre-show and theming is enough to make it a must do, where I'd go out of my way to be at the ride for a certain show time, although I'd still do it if I was in the area at the right time. However if your reading this and the Curse of Skull Rock is still showing it's worth going out of your way to view it.