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Waterfall Ride
At first glance this ride may just seem to be a variation on a normal dingy slide. You ride in a little plastic raft instead of an inflatable, and it has a steep and intimidating drop, instead of the normal tube slide or wave slide style drop. The fact the drop is so steep adds an extra edge of excitement to this ride, especially the first time you ride it. You also get a thrilling burst of acceleration at the beginning you don't normally get on a water slide.

What really makes this a ride unique from water slides though is what happens after the drop. It sees you fling through the air into a long chute of water where you do a Barnes Wallis. You know the man who invented the bouncing bomb. Instead of going along the top of the water the raft bounces across the surface of the water in a wild Dam Busters style in A fun crazy experience, which I haven't encountered anywhere else.

It's a shame you don't get to see rides like this at more parks. Perhaps it's got something to do with the mad and unpredictable nature of the ride, but for me this all adds to the fun. It's a great variation on the standard water slide, and one I'd recommend trying on a visit to the park.