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Treetops Twister
Waterfall Ride

The way they've designed the paths leading up to this ride is a little reminiscent of some of the Tussauds rides like Nemesis and Colossus. To get to it you have to walk through an area that showcases various ride elements of this ride. A classic trick that has been used to good effect here to build up the anticipation of this ride.

This rides main feature is it's hill lift. The hill lift is a vertical climb up a steel tower, followed by a first drop that goes a couple of degrees beyond vertical. I'm not sure how much of a difference the extra few degrees make to the ride experience, but I've got to admit it looks impressive.


On the hill lift it does make a big difference on which row you sit in. On the front you can see what's coming, which creates a strong feeling of anticipation, especially when you see the spectacular view from the top of the tower. If you sit in the back row your view is more restricted, but this creates a different type of anticipation from the fear of the unknown, as you can't see everything that's going on.

The drop and the way the rest of the track is designed reminds me a little of the Cobra at Paultons Park, on how it's been designed to be non stop passing from one fun ride element strait in to another fun  element without letting up. It goes from the thrilling drop, into a big air time hill, into a 90 degree banked horseshoe corner, then into a big loop. I thought the ride would let up after the loop, but I was proved wrong as it kept up the standard through the inline twist and the group of helixes.

Unlike the Cobra though, this isn't  a fun family ride. This is an ultra intense thrill ride, and when I say intense I mean it. At the time of writing I've done 156 roller coasters, and there are some where I'd limit the number of goes I'd do in a day due to them being rough or unpleasant. This is the first one I've done where I'd limit the number of goes because the ride is designed to provide such an intense ride. I've known thrill rides to do this by repeating the same trick several times, but for a coaster to do this with a variety of tricks is phenomenal. It's an absolute must try on a visit to Oakwood.