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This is the ride that put Oakwood on the map. It's what transferred it from a small local park, from a park roller coaster enthusiasts as far away as America come to visit. Is it as good as the hype attached to it makes out? I would say it's one of the best examples of this type of wooden coaster you're ever likely to ride.

When I say "this type" I'm referring to the feeling of the ride experience, as opposed to the twister vs. out and back track design debate enthusiasts will be familiar with. I'm thinking of the classic family woodies, one of the best examples is the Grand National at Blackpool, the modern age smooth runners, woodies that speed smoothly round the track. Finally you have the category Megaphobia falls in to, the bone shakers. Megaphobia is the king of the bone shakers. How much of a bone shaker is it? Well I noticed the usual warning telling anyone with back problems not to ride. I reckon that includes anyone who does the back seat more than once a day.


The anticipation for this ride starts before you get on it. I arrived when the park was opening, and the fact so many people where still heading strait for this ride, especially when you consider Speed had just opened, gave me the idea I was about to try something special. The paths around the ride and the queue do a good job of showcasing some parts of the ride, while leaving other parts of the ride tantalisingly hidden from view. Building on the anticipation even more.

My first ride on this really caught me by surprise. I'd done a boneshaker by the same manufacturer in the form of Tonnerre De Zeus at Parc Asterix pretty recently, so thought I knew what to expect. This ride tops that. The way this coaster tears round the track in a manic way is off the charts. If you sit at the back there are points where it feels like you're being picked up and slammed back down hard in to your seat as you go over some of the bumps. Even at the front it still tears round at an insane bone shaking rate. A highly recommended world class bone shaking woodie.

Megaphobia - Second Opinion



Thanks to  Hywel Gravell for writing this review for me.

Megafobia has been voted one of the best wooden Roller Coasters in the world, and it's easy to see why. From the top of its first 25 meter drop until you slam into the final brake run, this is a fantastic ride. There is plenty of air-time on the many hills and hitting the superb banked turnarounds at top speed almost throws you into the lap of the rider sitting alongside you!

Megafobia was the first in a new trend of great woodies and although it may not have the inversions or theming of other big rides, it's one of the fastest, exhilarating and fun Roller Coasters I've ridden. To add some spice to the ride, try riding it in the dark when the feeling of speed and wind rush is intensified.