The Bobsleigh
The Bounce
Pirate Ship
Plane Crazy
Snake River Falls
Spooky 3D
Treetops Twister
Waterfall Ride
This a ride you only have to look at, and you feel intimidated. You've only got to see how steep the drop is, with a waterfall like torrent coming down it, and it looks intimidating. A lot of people call it a cross between Oblivion and Tidal Wave, as it utilises an ultra steep drop and a giant splash in to a pool of water.

I would say though it was better than both the previously mentioned rides. Combining the 2 tricks from these 2 one trick rides to create a total greater than the sum of its parts. The actual drop of the ride itself is very thrilling, with a notable amount of G-force as you ride down it. This is followed by a big splash into the water, where it feels like you're stuck under a cold power shower for about 10 seconds, which will obviously get you very wet. It's not one to try on a cold day, but on a warm day it's a great thrilling way to cool off.