The Bobsleigh


The Bobsleigh
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Waterfall Ride

This rides positioning next to Megaphobia does work in it's favour. On a quiet day especially it's a good ride to alternate with Megaphobia to give you a break from the wild bone shaking of Megaphobia.

As you might have guessed from the name, it's a bobsleigh ride. A large metal trough that twists down a hill, in which you ride a little sledge, which you can control the speed of as you descend. There is some debate as to if you'd count this as a roller coaster or not. I will include these types of rides in the family coaster charts as that seems the most appropriate chart for it to be in. I would also include this on my coaster count as it's a complete circuit ride. It's not a ride where the sled has to lifted on to a separate lift to be taken up, so it does function like a circuit coaster, as opposed to a big slide.


If you haven't been on one of these rides before it may take a go or two to get used to it, so you don't over compensate on the breaks and end up going at a slow pace. It's a bit like riding a giant Scalextric car, only you'll end up with bruises if you take a corner to fast and come off. Once you get to the point were you only need to do the minimal amount of breaking at certain points it becomes quite a fun ride, as you head down the slope at a good turn of speed. It's one kids should love, and adults will have a lot of fun with as well.