Lightwater Valley
Black Pearl
Black Widows Web
Caterpillar Coaster
The Eagle's Claw
Falls of Terror
Flying Cutlass
Ladybird Coaster
Lightwater Express
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Powder Keg
Raptor Attack
Skate Karts
Skull Rock
Sky Rider
Swan Pedal Boats
Trauma Towers
The Ultimate
Wild River Rapids

Since the Samurai's debut at Chessington back in 1999 the Mondial top scan has become an increasingly popular thrill ride. It would be easy to criticize Lightwater Valley for it's unoriginal choice of thrill ride, but to be fair considering their budget usually means they're choosing from the second hand market they've done a good job of providing some of the best rides available.

Sadly this versions fairground origins do show, they've made an effort with some new signs, but really this ride needs a makeover to fit in the countryside environment of the park.

It's hard to disagree that the Top Scan ride deserves the good level of success and popularity it's had. It has the reputation of the most exciting white knuckle thrill rides out there, and has held this reputation for over a decade. I tried thinking of how many thrill rides I'd rank ahead of these in terms of excitement. I can't think of anything in the UK, and worldwide I can only think of 3. For those wondering they are the Huss Flic Flac, the Mondial Capriolo and the 100ft high giant Frisbee variants. It's a ride that delivers a great white knuckle thrill ride, that's a must try of you come across one..